Heritage Day is next week and we’ve put together a selection of some of our South African-style recipes to inspire you! From a cheesy biltong salad to a pulled lamb curry, you’re bound to find something to suit your taste. Let us know which South African dish you’ll be making this Heritage Day!


1. Iced Rooibos Tea with Orange, Lemon and Ginger

A refreshing drink is just what’s needed for a Heritage Day feast as the warmer weather approaches. We’re hoping for clear skies on Tuesday for outdoor dining and delicious Spring foods. This iced drink is ideal to cool down and makes use of a South African favourite: rooibos tea!

2. Biltong Salad with Blue Cheese and Figs

Biltong is a South African snack that we love, and what better way to serve it than in a delicious salad with blue cheese and figs? If you’re looking for a vegetarian variation you can use our classic Sun-dried Tomatoes – it still counts as a South African salad if you’re using this Antipasti as we use locally sourced Sun-dried Tomatoes!

3. Samp with Fresh Corn

Heritage Day wouldn’t be complete without this South African accompaniment! We added in fresh mielie kernels for colour, texture and taste – don’t forget our Vegetable Spice for a real flavour kick.

4. Lamb Necks on the Braai

As South Africans we couldn’t be without a braai! Lamb necks are an economical cut that makes sure you have all the taste and flavour of a lamb braai but at a reduced cost.Top tip: our Barbeque Marinade makes this recipe even easier and guarantees a perfect end result.

5. Pulled Lamb Curry

There’s nothing quite like a medium to hot curry to steal the show at a Heritage Day feast. This pulled lamb curry is a great option if you’re not planning to braai on Tuesday – great to prepare in advance if you need to save time before the family comes around! Hint: our Tikka Curry Coat & Cook Sauce is the secret time-saver ingredient.

6. Chocolate Amarula Tart with Chocolate Shards

Wow your guests this Heritage Day with this showstopper of a dessert! Amarula is a South African hit and it’s delicious in this chocolate tart. We used our Chocolate Mousse Mix for an easy, chocolatey filling. Find out how to make these dark chocolate shards to make this dessert even more glamorous!

Are you planning on making any of these delicious, South African inspired recipes? We’d love to see if you give them a try – share your pictures with us on social media! We hope you have a restful Heritage Day and enjoy your time off to appreciate all South Africa has to offer.

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