Biltong Sandwiches with Beefy Butter

Biltong, our traditional first choice snack food! Biltong also makes delicious sandwiches, especially if you butter the bread generously with delectable Beefy Butter.

Makes 6 sandwiches
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Liquid Beef Stock

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± 20g biltong per sandwich
125g salted butter at room temperature
1 x 25g Ina Paarman’s Liquid Beef Stock Concentrate
12 slices of bread (sandwich loaf)
120g finely sliced biltong (beef or game)
butter lettuce (not when freezing sandwiches)

Process or cream together the butter and Beef Stock Concentrate. Spread the slices generously with Beefy Butter. Top 6 slices with butter lettuce. Sprinkle sliced biltong over lettuce and top with remaining buttered bread. Cut sandwiches across on the diagonal. Wrap and use, freeze the rest in labelled sandwich bags. Extra butter can be refrigerated or frozen.

Ina's Tip

Beefy Butter is delicious spread over grilled steak as soon as it comes off the pan or stirred into sautéed mushrooms.