Serves 8
If the Americans can have a Pumpkin Pie, we can serve a Butternut Fridge Cake! Be brave and try this recipe, if in doubt, use pulverised strawberries in place of the butternut.
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Lemon Flavour Cheesecake Mix

You will need

1 cup (± 300 g) butternut
¼ t salt
¾ cup (180 ml) cold tap water
1 x 250 g Ina Paarman’s Lemon Flavour Cheesecake Mix
250 g medium fat cottage cheese
1 cup (250 ml) fresh cream

15 (110 g) digestive or tennis biscuits
3 T (45 ml) melted butter

whipped cream
violas or lemon zest

Ina’s Tip

To make the cake gluten free, use gluten free biscuits.


Line the base of an 18 cm or 20 cm loose-bottom pan with a neat circle of baking paper.
Steam cook peeled butternut until soft.
Season with a little salt. Mash really well until smooth and allow to cool.
Pour measured water into a medium size mixing bowl. Add Cheesecake Mix, beat until smooth.
Add cottage cheese and mashed butternut. Beat until well blended.
In a smaller mixing bowl, whip the cream until firm.
Fold the whipped cream into the cheesecake mixture with a spatula, or beat it in on slow speed until evenly blended.
Pour into prepared pan. Level the mixture.
Break biscuits in half and feed them quite quickly into a food processor while the machine is running.
Add the melted butter.
Spread the buttered biscuit crumbs over the cheesecake. Smooth over with the back of a spoon.
Leave to set for at least 4 hours or best overnight in the fridge.
Place a cake plate or stand upside down over the tin and invert cake onto plate.
Push cake out with the loose bottom of the pan.
Peel away baking paper.
Garnish with violas or lemon zest.