Serves 4-5
As an alternative to chicken breasts, use pork fillet slices or veal. This is one of our favourite family meals. Uncooked coated schnitzels will freeze very successfully. Semi-defrost before browning in the pan over medium heat.
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Chicken Spice, Ready to Serve Cheese Sauce

You will need

4 skinless chicken breast fillets
½ ciabatta or short French loaf
1 T (15 ml) Ina Paarman’s Chicken Spice
½ – ¾ cup (125 – 180 ml) freshly grated parmesan or Italian hard cheese
¼ cup (60 ml) cornflour
2 eggs, beaten
2 T (30 ml) butter
2 T (30 ml) olive oil

1 x 200 ml Ina Paarman’s Ready to Serve Cheese Sauce
lemon wedges


Butterfly the breasts and cut each in half.

Place one chicken breast half in a sturdy plastic bag (medium freezer bag size) and with the flat side of a meat mallet, beat the chicken out to no more than ½ cm thickness, it must be quite thin. The funkier the outside shape the better, it gives that homemade look.

Cut the bread into cubes with crust, and feed into the processor while running, to make fine, fresh breadcrumbs. You should end up with ± 2 cups of breadcrumbs.

Add the Chicken Spice and grated cheese to the crumbs and blend again to mix well.

Decant crumb mixture onto a large dinner plate. Measure the cornflour onto some baking or greaseproof paper to save washing up.

Beat the eggs in a large soup plate. Line the coating ingredients up:

1) cornflour

2) eggs

3) crumbs

Dip flattened schnitzel first in cornflour, dust off excess. Using a fork or small pair of tongs to swipe the schnitzel through the egg. Drop into the breadcrumbs. Turn and pat until crumbs adhere nicely.

Put coated schnitzels onto a plate and separate layers with greaseproof or baking paper. Freeze for 15 minutes before cooking, or refrigerate for 30 minutes.

The real secret here is to cook schnitzels in a cool pan. If the meat shrinks too fast, the crumb coating tends to come away.

Melt the butter until it foams over medium heat, add oil and then add the schnitzels, cooking in batches. Keep the heat down so that the crumbs don’t overbrown before the meat is cooked.

Serve with our gently warmed Cheese Sauce, lemon wedges and chives.

Our Caesar Dressing would be an excellent choice to dress a salad.