Makes 16 squares
Choc Chip Brownies is one of our best sellers. Why not, strictly for chilli lovers, add some cayenne pepper to the dry mix and the chocolate ganache icing?
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Chocolate Brownies

You will need

2 extra large eggs, at room temperature
¼ cup (60 ml) butter, melted
½ cup (125 ml) canola or sunflower oil
½ cup (125 ml) full cream milk
2 t (10 ml) cayenne pepper
1 x 550 g Ina Paarman’s Chocolate Brownie Mix

90 g dark Albany eating chocolate
¼ cup (60 ml) fresh cream
½ t (2,5 ml) cayenne pepper


Adjust oven rack to middle position. Preheat oven to 180°C. Prepare a pan 20 cm x 20 cm square or 20 cm x 30 cm rectangular pan – see illustrated instructions on Chocolate Brownie Mix box. Beat eggs, melted butter and oil for 1 minute on high speed until well blended. Add milk and beat for 1 minute on medium speed. Add cayenne pepper to dry mix in foil bag. Add dry mix and chocolate chips (in a separate packet with Brownie Mix). Fold in carefully with a spatula. Blend until just combined, do not beat, folding in by hand gives the best result. Scrape mixture into prepared pan.
Bake on middle shelf for 30 – 35 minutes. Brownies are done when a thin bladed knife inserted in the centre comes out clean or cake pulls away slightly from the sides of the pan. Leave to cool down completely. Cut into 16 squares.
When completely cool, pipe with Chilli Chocolate Ganache and garnish with tiny flecks of fresh chilli if you like.
Bring the cream to boiling point. Remove from heat, add to chocolate blocks in a mixing bowl, add cayenne and leave to stand until chocolate has melted. Stir until uniformly blended. Leave for a short while to cool and thicken. Pipe over the cold brownies and leave to set.