Makes ± 120 cookies
The ideal holiday standby. Make and freeze the dough, slice and bake fresh whenever needed.
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Vanilla Cake

You will need

1 x 600 g Ina Paarman’s Vanilla Cake Mix
125 g real butter at room temperature
½ cup (125 ml) full cream milk
½ cup (100 g) sugar
1t (5 ml) cinnamon
½ cup (50 g) pecan nuts


Rub the butter into the dry Vanilla Cake Mix with your fingertips or cut it in with a pastry cutter until you have a texture like coarse breadcrumbs.
Add the milk and mix it through with a knife. The mixture will form big clots – to make it stick together you will have to knead it lightly by hand.
Divide the dough in two and shape each half into a sausage. Place one sausage on the bottom third of a length of greaseproof paper. Cover with the paper. Hold the shorter bottom end of the paper down with your left hand and push against the roll with your right hand to spread it into a long thinner sausage about 2½ – 3 cm in diameter. Roll up in the paper and twist the ends to secure.
Freeze for up to 8 weeks.

When ready to bake

Adjust the rack one slot above the middle position. Preheat oven to 180°C. Mix the sugar and cinnamon and cut the nuts into smaller pieces for decoration. Slice the roll into thin 2 – 3 mm slices.
Press one side of the slice into cinnamon sugar and space, sugar side up, about 1 cm apart on a baking tray, lined with baking paper. Push a tiny sliver of nut down into the middle of each biscuit.
Bake, one pan at a time, for 10 – 12 minutes until golden on both sides. Leave to cool on the paper.
When cold store between layers of greaseproof paper in an airtight container. Keeps really well for 2 weeks.