Serves 4
Millionaires treat! Crayfish tails or King Prawns on the braai are hard to beat.
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You will need

⅓ cup (80 g) butter
¼ cup (60 ml) fresh lemon juice
3 cloves garlic, crushed
2 t (10 ml) Ina Paarman’s Lemon & Black Pepper Seasoning
¼ cup (60 ml) Ina Paarman’s Sun-dried Tomato Pesto
2 t (10 ml) sugar

4 crayfish tails OR
12 king prawns


Flavoured Butter

Mix all the ingredients in a small saucepan and cook briefly, while stirring.



Put a skewer into each crayfish tail or prawn to keep them straight.

Blanch in boiling water heavily salted  (as salty as sea water) for 3 minutes.

Remove and immediately plunge tails into ice water to stop cooking.

Cut prawns along the spine with a pair of scissors and remove the black vein. Butterfly them open and secure with toothpicks.

Brush meaty sides with flavoured butter before braaing.

Braai over hot coals, start meaty side down until colour changes.

Turn and briefly cook on shell sides.