Makes 2 x 11cm x 24cm terrines
This is one of our best discoveries. All the true festive flavours of poultry and ham combined and plenty of elegant slices to serve later on sandwiches or with salads. Everything can be done a day or two beforehand.
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Vegetable Stock Powder

You will need

1 large fresh free range chicken
1 kg uncooked smoked gammon
3 T (45 ml) Ina Paarman’s Vegetable Stock Powder
2 x 10 g envelopes of gelatine powder (2 T, 30 ml)
¾ cup (180 ml) parsley, chopped


Put the raw chicken and uncooked ham together into a saucepan and add 3 litres of warm tap water. Add Vegetable Stock Powder. Bring to the boil, put a well-fitting lid on the saucepan and turn the heat down to low. Simmer very slowly for 2 hours until the meats are tender. Leave to cool down until lukewarm in the stock. Remove the chicken from the stock, reserve the stock. Strip off the skin and discard, take the meat off the bone and cut into strips – keep on one side. Remove the gammon, peel off the skin and cut away all the fat. Slice the meat into strips.

Sprinkle both packets of gelatine over 3 T (45 ml) cold water in a cup and leave on the side to sponge while reducing the stock.

Return saucepan to stove and boil very fast, without a lid until the stock is reduced to 1½ litres. **This is important – the ratio of stock to gelatine is key to the setting of the mould.** Add parsley and just bring back up to the boil to sterilise the herbs to ensure a longer shelf-life for the mould. Add the gelatine sponge and stir to dissolve.

Add the meat from the chicken and gammon to the stock and stir to mix. Decant into two terrines or loaf pans. Cover with cling film and store overnight in the fridge. Turn out and cut into thick slices – an electric knife works best. Don’t forget a good granular mustard on the side!