Ina’s Basic Scones

We do not have a ready mix for scones but the recipe is so simple that I give it here for you to make from scratch.

Makes 9 scones

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2 cups (500 g) cake flour
½ t (2.5 ml) salt
1 T (15 ml) baking powder
4 T (60 ml) butter
½ cup (125 ml) buttermilk, yoghurt or sour cream
1 egg

Sift the flour, salt and baking powder twice. Cut the butter into the flour with a small sharp knife and then rub gently with your fingertips to form a crumbly mixture. Alternatively, use a pastry blender.
Mix the egg and yoghurt with a fork. Use this mixture to bind the flour. Use a small, sharp knife to mix, as a wooden spoon is too heavy. If a little too dry, add a tablespoon or two of cold tap water until a softish dough is formed.
Knead lightly 5 or 6 times.
Pat the dough out to 1.5 cm thickness.
Cut into squares or rounds, using a scone cutter.
Bake at 220°C for about 10 minutes.