Serves 4
Fresh Hake, seasoned with our traditional Masala Spice, is one of the most delicious and economical treats especially if prepared according to this quick and easy method.
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Masala Spice

You will need

4 portions, of even thickness, fresh filleted Hake
Ina Paarman’s Masala Spice
canola oil
2 fresh lemons


Rub both sides of the fish with Masala Spice and drizzle generously with canola oil, turn on a plate to coat. Cover and leave to stand while preparing the lemons and making the sambals of your choice. Slice each lemon into six to eight wedges. Spray a ribbed cast iron griddle pan with non-stick spray* and preheat until very hot. Grill lemon wedges on griddle pan, press down to emphasise grill marks. Gently lay the fish fillets, meaty side down on the griddle pan. Do not turn too soon, wait until the fish is well browned, then turn only once.
Tuck lemon wedges here and there in-between the cooked masala fish portions.
Serve with rice and salad sambals.
*I don’t normally like using non-stick sprays – but it really stops fish from sticking.


Our Cajun Spice is equally delicious, used the same way.