Serves 4
A healthy start to a Brunch, or suitable on its own, for any weekday breakfast. Most of the preparation can be done the day before.
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You will need

250g mixed dried fruit
1 cup (250ml) boiling water

1 cup (250ml) rolled oats
1 cup (250ml) apple juice

1T (15ml) canola oil
100g raw almonds, skin on and roughly chopped
1t (5ml) cinnamon
½ t (2,5ml) ginger
pinch of nutmeg
1 T (15ml) sugar (optional)
500ml double cream yoghurt


Snip the dried fruit into more manageable bites. Pour water over and simmer for 10 minutes until just tender.

Pour into a glass or ceramic bowl, cover and refrigerate overnight.

Measure the oats into a bowl, add the apple juice and stir to mix. Cover and refrigerate overnight.

Heat the canola oil, briefly stir fry the almonds, add the spices and sugar if using, and shake until just aromatic. Store in a glass jar at room temperature.

**To serve:**

Dish stewed fruit into a bowl. Top with a spoonful or two of oats, then yoghurt and finally a sprinkling of spiced nuts.