Pasta with Potatoes and Pesto

This one-pot pasta and vegetable dish is delicious served as a vegetarian main or as an accompaniment to chicken. Please pay careful attention to the timing of the noodles, and vegetables, we have calculated it to the last minute.


  • 1 T (15 ml) Ina Paarman's Vegetable Stock Powder
  • 250 g wholewheat screw noodles
  • 4 large potatoes, peeled and cubed 1 cm x 1 cm
  • 200 g fine green beans, trim stem ends and cut beans in half
  • 2 t (10 ml) Ina Paarman's Pasta Spice
  • 2 T (30 ml) olive oil
  • ± 4 T (60 ml) Ina Paarman's Basil Pesto
  • ½ cup (125 ml) finely grated parmesan cheese
  • freshly ground black pepper

Bring 2 litres of water to the boil in a big saucepan (use boiling water from the kettle to speed things up). Add Vegetable Stock Powder, noodles and cubed potatoes. Boil briskly for 8 minutes. Add green beans and boil for ± 5 minutes until tender.

Drain and reserve ½ cup of pasta water.

Return cooked ingredients to the saucepan and add Pasta Spice, olive oil and Basil Pesto. Toss gently and add some/or all of the reserved pasta water to create a sauce.

Dish into pasta bowls. Sprinkle cheese over and top with freshly ground black pepper. Serve with a tossed salad dressed with our Classic Balsamic Vinaigrette.

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