Makes 24 cones
Buy a good quality popcorn. Avoid microwave popcorn for this recipe.
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Potato Spice, Green Onion Seasoning

You will need

1 cup (250 g) popcorn kernels
3 T (45 ml) canola or sunflower oil
grease proof paper for cones
4 T (60 g) melted butter
4 t (20 ml) Ina Paarman’s Potato Spice or Green Onion Seasoning

Ina’s Tip

Please don’t use margarine in place of real butter! Rather substitute with olive oil.


It is better to divide the recipe in half and to work with two smaller batches. Warm the oil in a large saucepan with a heavy base and a lid. As soon as the oil just begins to smoke add the popcorn. Immediately cover with a lid and shake the pot, keep shaking until you don’t hear anymore popping sounds. Pour melted butter over and sprinkle with Potato Spice. Toss to blend. Serve in greaseproof paper cones.

**To serve:** Stand the cones in small shot or sherry glasses on a tray for serving.

Making a paper cone: