Serves 4
An all-time favourite. If baby onions are not available use shallots like we have done in this picture.
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You will need

700 g new potatoes, unpeeled and halved
500 g small pickling onions or shallots, peeled
Ina Paarman’s Potato Spice
½ x 200 ml Ina Paarman’s Honey & Mustard Coat & Cook Sauce

Ina’s Tip

The leftover potato mixture keeps well in the fridge to serve with another meal or as part of a braai the next day.


Adjust the oven rack to the middle shelf and preheat to 190°C.

Toss the potatoes, onions, Potato Spice and half the pack of Honey Mustard Sauce* in a roasting pan.

Roast until tender for ± 40 minutes.

*Close the pack of remaining Honey Mustard Sauce by turning over the cut corner and securing it with a paper clip. It can be kept in the fridge or frozen for another use.