Serves 6
This is a lovely cooling dessert to serve after a braai. We have made the cheesecake mixture softer than usual by adding extra liquid. If strawberries are not in season use any other fruit of your choice. N.B. Pour the Balsamic reduction over just before serving.
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Lemon Flavour Cheesecake

You will need

1 x 250 g Ina Paarman’s Lemon Cheesecake Mix
1 ¼ cups (310 ml) water
¼ cup (60 ml) fresh lemon juice
1 cup (250 ml) fresh cream
1 cup (250 ml) plain full cream yoghurt
200 g punnet of strawberries

1 cup (250 ml) balsamic vinegar
½ cup (125 ml) sugar
pinch salt
¼ t (1 ml) ground black pepper

Ina’s Tip

Summer is bring and braai or picnic time. Making the desserts in screw top jars and leaving them in the fridge until needed is ideal. But add Balsamic Reduction just before serving or it will thin out on standing. The reduction can be made up a day or two ahead of time.


Lemon Cream

Measure the water and lemon juice into a medium size mixing bowl. Sprinkle the Cheesecake Mix over and beat until well blended. In a smaller mixing bowl whip the cream until just firm. Using the same beaters, whip the cheesecake mixture again until smooth. Gently fold the whipped cream and the yoghurt into the cheesecake mixture. Leave in the fridge while preparing the Balsamic Reduction and the strawberries.

To make the Balsamic Reduction: boil all the ingredients without a lid, until slightly syrupy. Decant into a small jug.

Rinse, hull and slice the strawberries.

To Serve

Alternate layers of Lemon Cream and strawberries in individual bowls or screw top jars.

N.B. Drizzle generously with Balsamic Reduction just before serving.