Serves 6
A delicious selection of seasonal vegetables.
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Vegetable Spice

You will need

4 small leeks, cut into fine rings
125 g punnet sugar snap peas, cut in half lengthways
1 small punnet green asparagus, snap off woodyends and soak in cold water to remove sand
1 small punnet baby marrows (6 – 8), cut intorings on the diagonal
250 g frozen petit pois
olive oil
Ina Paarman’s Vegetable Spice
finely chopped parsley

Ina’s Tip

The vegetable selection is a guide only. Use what is available in your area.


Steam the different vegetables separately (except baby peas), until just done. Toss and season cooked vegetables and frozen peas with olive oil and Vegetable Spice. Arrange vegetables on a round serving plate as illustrated. Just before serving reheat vegetables in the microwave.