American Inspired

November 2015

Our American inspired menu this month will become part and parcel of your ‘best ever’ recipe collection.

The Prawn Chowder is a real stunner, one can have small portions as a starter, or make a meal of this delicious Seafood Soup.

Pulled Pork has become popular the world over. To prepare this pitmaster special in a domestic oven, we have developed a unique method which produces delectable, fork tender, beautifully flavoured meat, crisp and tender crackling and a generous gravy for spooning over.

I just love the Coleslaw with Sour Cream Dressing!

Mini Chocolate Pecan Pies finish off this memorable menu.

Season pork shoulder and wrap in clingfilm. Refrigerate.
Bake crusts for Mini Pecan Pies
Mix mousse filing and refrigerate in mixing bowl for piping the next day. If filled too long before the time the crust will soften.
Make Prawn Chowder and refrigerate.

Pulled Pork: Start cooking it 6 hours before serving time.
Pulled Pork: Set table, do flowers and have wine ready.
Coleslaw: Prepare coleslaw and refrigerate
Marrow Salad: Slice marrows and toast pumpkin seeds.
Marrow Salad: Assemble before serving.
Mousse: Pipe Chocolate Mousse into baked crusts and garnish.
Mousse: Finish off pulled pork.
Mousse: Slice bread for serving.
Mousse: Reheat Prawn Chowder and serve.
Mousse: Enjoy this fabulous meal!