Buffet Style Brunch

September 2016

Brunch personifies all that is great about the weekend! A much later, bigger breakfast, enjoyed in a relaxed atmosphere with friends.

Prepare the delectable Breakfast Panna Cotta the day before and top it with seasonal fruit before serving. We have prepared a selection of ‘help yourself’ dishes. Choose the options you fancy. The feather-light savoury waffles are a must, the rest is up to you. There is a choice of scrambled egg, tomato cream, smoked salmon, gypsy ham, roast tomatoes and creamed mushrooms.

Serve chilled Rooibos tea flavoured with orange, lemon and ginger throughout the meal. End with good coffee and our delicious Mandarin Muffins spread with Honey Butter.

Infuse the Iced Tea and refrigerate.
Prepare Panna Cotta and refrigerate, fruit to be added before serving.
Mix up batter for waffles and leave to stand, covered in the fridge, overnight.
Mix up batter for muffins, leave to stand overnight, covered in the fridge, bake on the day.
Mix up honey butter but don’t refrigerate.

Complete Iced Tea.
Bake muffins.
Cut up strawberries for Panna Cotta topping and finish off with honey and black pepper.
Whip up Tomato Cream.
Prepare eggs for scrambling, but do not cook yet.
Arrange salmon and ham on a platter.
Bake tomatoes in the oven for 10 minutes.
Make Mushroom Sauce.
Slice avocados.
Cook the waffles.
Make scrambled egg.
Assemble everything and serve.

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