Camp Fire Cooking

July 2018

The biggest treat when camping, is to enjoy slow cooked food around the fire. Everything tastes better when eaten outdoors.

Meringues – make at home.
Rub meat with vinegar and leave overnight.
Make biltong balls.

Mix the bread and leave to prove.
Make the fire and start preparing and cooking the potjie.
Soak the dried fruit.
Add the bread potjie to the coals.
Prepare cabbage parcel.
Cut up oranges and add liqueur.
Put cabbage parcel on fire.
Cook dried fruit.
Finish off and serve biltong platter with bread.
Finish off the potjie and serve with cabbage, dried fruit and bread or pap.
Serve oranges and meringues.
Make and serve coffee.
Enjoy the pleasures of outdoor cooking. Everything tastes better when eaten outside!