Camp Fire Cooking

July 2018

The biggest treat when camping, is to enjoy slow cooked food around the fire. Everything tastes better when eaten outdoors.

Order of Work


  • Meringues – make at home.
  • Rub meat with vinegar and leave overnight.
  • Make biltong balls.

On the day

  • Mix the bread and leave to prove.
  • Make the fire and start preparing and cooking the potjie.
  • Soak the dried fruit.
  • Add the bread potjie to the coals.
  • Prepare cabbage parcel.
  • Cut up oranges and add liqueur.
  • Put cabbage parcel on fire.
  • Cook dried fruit.
  • Finish off and serve biltong platter with bread.
  • Finish off the potjie and serve with cabbage, dried fruit and bread or pap.
  • Serve oranges and meringues.
  • Make and serve coffee.
  • Enjoy the pleasures of outdoor cooking. Everything tastes better when eaten outside!
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