Celebrating Winter

July 2015

Stews and soups are the normal winter fare, but let’s ring the changes, with a quick to prepare menu.

Avocado is an obvious in season choice for our starter. As a main, Crumbed Pork Chops with Apple and Cranberry Relish will strike the perfect sweet / savoury balance. The cornflake coating on the chops remains deliciously crunchy and protects the meat against overcooking and drying out.

To finish, an Old Fashioned Tipsy Tart, served with Spiced Brandy Cream.

Set the table.
Wine, etc.
Make sure you have ice, and mineral water.

Bake Brandy Puddings. Pour syrup over. Keep one at room temperature, freeze the other one for later.
Make Cranberry Relish

Crumb the Pork Chops and refrigerate to firm.
Whip Brandy Cream and leave covered in the fridge.
Microwave sweet potatoes, can be reheated in the microwave later.
Prepare the starter and serve.
Take a break.

Steam brussel sprouts and peas and dish up in a serving bowl, keep covered.
Panfry chops (medium heat).
Reheat sweet potatoes in the microwave.
Serve the meal.