Chicken Dinner

August 2017

Can one ever have enough good chicken recipes? This slow cooked casserole style dish with Port and Figs will become one of your favourites. Start the meal with a touch of Spring, a light Asparagus Soup. Serve parsley studded Bulgar Wheat and Herbed Vegetables with the chicken main course. Bring out the Brownies with Nuts and a Salted Caramel Sauce for a final decadent touch.

Serves 4-5

Prepare the chicken, cover and refrigerate ready to bake the next day.
Bake the Brownies, store in an airtight container.
Make the caramel sauce.

Set the table and chill the wine.
Make the soup, reheat just before serving.
Cook the pearl wheat, just before serving, reheat in the microwave and fluff up the wheat.
Prepare the vegetables in an oven pan. Bake with the chicken for the final 25 minutes.
Reheat and serve soup.
Reheat pearl wheat and serve with chicken.
Cut and serve Brownies with Caramel Sauce.