Classy Curries

June 2017

Invite a few friends and treat them to a delightful evening of aromatic curry dishes. Select one or if you are brave and have a bigger crowd, cook all three and serve with rice and sambals.

Serves 4-5

Roast lamb, pull apart and complete Lamb Curry. Store overnight in the fridge.
Make Vegetable Curry, but don’t add the spinach.
Bake the biscuits, store in airtight container.
Mix Eastern Cheese Dip, cover and refrigerate.

Set the table and chill the wine or beer.
Cook the rice, reheat in the microwave for serving.
Prepare sambals.
Heat the Lamb Curry.
Finish off the Vegetable Curry with spinach.
Make the Prawn Curry.
Warm the plates and serve. Enjoy!