Dine in Italian Style

August 2015

How can we describe this menu? Stylish, elegant, delicious and the way to travel to Italy on a shoestring!

Osso Buco, prepare and slow cook. Keep covered. When cold, refrigerate.
Poach pear wedges and leave at room temperature in the syrup.
Melt chocolate and roll up in baking paper. Refrigerate until the next day.
Make Salsa Verdi and refrigerate in a glass screw-top jar.
Chill the wine and arrange flowers.

Take Osso Buco out of the fridge.
Prepare and cook artichokes.
Make the Chocolate Mousse and dish it up over pears in glass bowl, refigerate. Top with chocolate shards before serving.
Chop up gremolata, cover and refrigerate.
Set the table.

Prepare Risotto.
Reheat Osso Buco and top with gremolata.
Dish up starter. Now you are on the road.
End the evening with tiny cups of strong espresso.