Easter Celebration

April 2017

Sit down to a lovely Easter Lunch or dinner after the Easter Egg Hunt in the garden. I am sharing with you, my mother’s famous Lamb Pie. Enjoy!

Serves 4

Make Sour Cream Pastry, unless using bought butter pastry.
Prepare Panna Cotta, cover and refrigerate.
Cook the meat, flake and put into pie dishes, cover with clingfilm. Refrigerate.
Prepare soup, cover and refrigerate.
Chill wine and arrange flowers.

Set the table.
Cover the chilled lamb pies with pastry.
Cook gem squash, finish off with kale, cover and reheat in microwave just before serving.
Roast potatoes and onions. Bake the Lamb Pie at the same time.
Melt the dark chocolate, turn out the Panna Cotta and decorate desserts.
Sit down and enjoy the meal!