Feast on the Fire

September 2018

Treat your guests to a special menu this Heritage Day!

Order of Work

Day before

  • Make and bake the Meringue Nests.
  • Make the coulis and refrigerate in a squeeze bottle.

On the day

  • Chill the wine.
  • Inject and season steak. Keep at room temperature.
  • Prepare the stuffed peppers. Keep at room temperature.
  • Make potato salad. Keep at room temperature.
  • Set the table and organise the braai.
  • Cook the peppers.
  • Prepare the crayfish and braai.
  • Cook the steak and finish off the crayfish.
  • Enjoy the main course.
  • Fill the meringue nests and coat with coulis.
  • Serve the dessert and relish the compliments.
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