Festive Feast 2017

December 2017

This year’s menu moves away from the traditional to a more trendy selection. Start the celebration with a pretty Prawn Salad with Chilli Dip. Allow the men to gather around the braai to finish off the Orange Duck while you have the kitchen (and oven) to yourself to roast the Pork Belly and potatoes and to add the finishing touches to the vegetables. Spoil everyone with the beautiful Cheesecake Trifle with Red Berries.

Brine pork belly.
Season, stuff and pre-roast the duck. Refrigerate it until ready to go on the braai.
Make cheesecake trifle and refrigerate.
Set the table and chill the sparkling wine.

Remove duck from the fridge.
Prepare and steam vegetables, ready to microwave for serving.
Prepare potato ring.
Prepare coals and start spit-roasting the duck.
Roast pork belly.Bake the potato ring.
Assemble the prawn salad.
Finish off the crackling on the pork belly.
Dress and serve the starter.
Reheat the vegetables, carve the pork and garnish the duck.
Serve the main meal.
Turn out and decorate the Cheesecake Trifle before serving.