Festive Feast 2018

December 2018

Serving Temperatures
Dish Serve at
Prawn Paté Fridge temperature
Gammon Room temperature
Stuffed Apples Serve warm
Pink Apple Sauce Serve at room temperature or warm
Chicken/Turkey Serve warm
Roast Potatoes Serve warm
Char-grilled Salad Serve at room temperature
Meringue Tower Serve at room temperature

Prepare potatoes and freeze.
Reserve prawns for garnishing.
Make Prawn Paté.
Cover and refrigerate.
Make Melba toast and store in an airtight container.
Pre-bake the Gammon and leave to cool in the liquid.
Make Pink Apple Sauce, cover and refrigerate.
Prepare Stuffed Apples and refrigerate.
Bake Pavlova base and meringues, store in an airtight container.
Make Cheesecake, pour into empty yoghurt container and refrigerate.

Chill the wine.
Set the table.
Skin the gammon, glaze and bake together with mandarin slices.
Roast the potatoes.
Poach turkey or chicken.
Make gravy.
Bake Stuffed Apples.
Assemble Meringue Tower.
Prepare salad.
Dish up Prawn Paté.
Enjoy the meal and have a Merry Christmas!