Festive Feast December 2016

December 2016

Good News! We plan to give everybody space this Christmas. Around the braai and in the kitchen.

As far as the selection of our Christmas recipes is concerned, we always choose them very carefully to fulfill not only your lifestyle needs, but we refined them to the point that your investment in time, budget and calories will certainly be worthwhile.

Watch our one minute video to illustrate this step-by-step method of cooking a stuffed Turkey Flattie on the kettle braai, and see how easy it is!

There is a delicious Seafood Starter, outstanding Crushed Potatoes with Blue Cheese, and a beautiful Festive Dessert that can be pre-prepared.

Bake the pretzels, cool and store in an airtight container.
Spatchcock the turkey, prepare the stuffing and stuff the turkey under the skin. Brush with butter/oil mixture and season. Cover and refrigerate.
Bake the red velvet cake, and leave to stand, covered on a board, ready to cut out stars the next day.
Bake the mini meringues and leave in the switched off oven overnight. Store layered with baking paper on which it was baked, in an airtight container.
Chill the wine.

Set the table.
Make the cucumber salad.
Par-boil the potatoes and squash them.
Prepare ready to bake.Steam the mussels.
Prepare broccoli and asparagus ready to steam.
Remove the turkey from the fridge and leave it at room temperature for 30 minutes.
Prepare the kettle braai ready to cook the turkey.
An hour before the turkey is ready, bake the potatoes, add the tomatoes to the same oven half an hour later.
Assemble the starter.
Assemble the dessert now, or after the main course, whichever suits you best.
Steam the vegetables while the cooked turkey is resting.
Now get the show on the road and have a Happy Christmas!