Mid-summer Braai

February 2016

February is traditionally one of our hottest months. Ideal braai weather and the best season to be out of doors!

Start with a smooth and creamy Makerel Paté accompanied by crispy home made Melba Toast.

The main course of Lamb necks is one of my best discoveries! Even with the price of lamb skyrocketing, this economical and flavourful cut is an excellent option, done on the braai.

Pickled Butternut and Caramelised Onions are convenient fridge staples to serve on the side.
Surprise your guests with a delicious Potato Salad dressed with our brand new Roast Pepper Pesto.
Conclude with a cool and healthy Mango Mousse and fresh summer fruits.

Simmer lamb necks to tenderise
Make Mackerel Paté – refrigerate
Make melba toast – cool and pack in an airtight container
Make Caramelised Onions – refrigerate
Make Pickled Butternut – refrigerate
Make Mango Mousse – refrigerate
Assemble all you need for setting the table

Boil potatoes and make salad
Make artichoke salad
Cut up fruit for platter
Braai necks while basting with marinade