Mother’s Day Menu

May 2016

To celebrate Mother’s Day, we have designed a very special, glamorous Pomegranate Cake. Not only does this cake look impressive and taste divine, but if you feel pangs of guilt, remember pomegranates are one of the superfoods.

The rest of the menu is very manageable. We start with a cheats Beef Broth with absolutely **no** cooking involved. The main course is a delicious Roast Chicken dish with Sweet Peppers. The side of Spinach and Butter Beans teams perfectly with the chicken and the deconstructed garden salad will catch all eyes.

Bake red velvet cake, cut, shape and fill with Cheesecake mixture. Refrigerate overnight.
Chill the wine and arrange the flowers.

Prepare the chicken and refrigerate until ready to bake.
Set the table.
Make salad, cover with clingfilm and refrigerate. Dress just before serving.
2 hours before dinner. Put chicken in the oven.
Finish off the cake with pomegranate seeds and the rest of the glaze.
Prepare Butter Beans with Baby Spinach.
Prepare and serve the soup.
Dress the salad and finish off the Chicken and Butter Bean side dish to serve with the chicken.
Enjoy the Pomegranate Cake with coffee.