Oriental at Home

June 2015

Too cold to go out to fetch a take away? Invite another couple and have a cosy meal at home in front of the fire.

A lovely menu to cook at the last minute, provided you do some preparation beforehand. See our order of work and shopping list.

Make Turkish Delight Cheesecake and refrigerate overnight.
Make Soup. It improves with standing.
Pre-cook rice and add Seasonings.
Pre slice all vegetables, cover and refrigerate.
Mix all the ingredients for the stir-fry sauce.
Cube chicken and toss with Seasoning and cornflour. Mix the batter but do not add egg white yet.
Tidy the kitchen and wash up.

1st Course: Warm the Soup, add garnishes and serve – take a break.
Main Course: Get guests or family to help in the kitchen.
Main Course: Stir-fry the vegetables.
Main Course: Finish off the rice.
Main Course: Whip the egg-white, fold into the batter.
Main Course: Dip and fry the chicken – serve straight away.
Dessert: Unmould Cheesecake, slice, decorate and serve with green tea.