Oriental at Home

June 2015

Too cold to go out to fetch a take away? Invite another couple and have a cosy meal at home in front of the fire.

A lovely menu to cook at the last minute, provided you do some preparation beforehand. See our order of work and shopping list.

Order of Work


  • Make Turkish Delight Cheesecake and refrigerate overnight.
  • Make Soup. It improves with standing.
  • Pre-cook rice and add Seasonings.
  • Pre slice all vegetables, cover and refrigerate.
  • Mix all the ingredients for the stir-fry sauce.
  • Cube chicken and toss with Seasoning and cornflour. Mix the batter but do not add egg white yet.
  • Tidy the kitchen and wash up.

Just before serving

  • 1st Course: Warm the Soup, add garnishes and serve - take a break.
  • Main Course: Get guests or family to help in the kitchen.
  • Main Course: Stir-fry the vegetables.
  • Main Course: Finish off the rice.
  • Main Course: Whip the egg-white, fold into the batter.
  • Main Course: Dip and fry the chicken - serve straight away.
  • Dessert: Unmould Cheesecake, slice, decorate and serve with green tea.
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