Festive Feast

December 2018

Serving Temperatures Dish Serve at Prawn Paté Fridge temperature Gammon Room temperature Stuffed Apples Serve warm Pink Apple Sauce Serve at room temperature or warm Chicken/Turkey Serve warm Roast Potatoes Serve warm Char-grilled Salad Serve at room temperature Meringue Tower Serve at room temperature

Feeding the Troops

October 2018

Senior school party? Sixteenth birthday? University holiday get together? We have just the menu for you. Get the guests to give a hand, turn up the music and enjoy!

Italian Home Cooking

August 2018

Good, honest home cooking is hard to beat. The Italians make delicious light and fluffy meatballs good enough to feed your guests and the Chocolate Tiramisu will always be a hit.

Camp Fire Cooking

July 2018

The biggest treat when camping, is to enjoy slow cooked food around the fire. Everything tastes better when eaten outdoors.

Dad’s Day

June 2018

Make the man of the house part of the chef’s team. Watch our video on preparing the Pork Chops together and then let him get on with the cooking. The Soup and the Pavlova can be pre-prepared and the Salad is easily put together.

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