Easter Celebration

April 2017

Sit down to a lovely Easter Lunch or dinner after the Easter Egg Hunt in the garden. I am sharing with you, my mother’s famous Lamb Pie. Enjoy!

Festive Feast

December 2016

Good News! We plan to give everybody space this Christmas. Around the braai and in the kitchen. As far as the selection of our Christmas recipes is concerned, we always choose them very carefully to fulfill not only your lifestyle needs, but we refined them to the point that your investment in time, budget and […]

Summer Braai

November 2016

Cooking and eating outdoors is our favourite South African pastime. This achievable menu will not break the bank and if you set time aside to pre-prepare, it is a pretty painless way to entertain.

A taste of Spain!

October 2016

Our trip to San Sebastian was an unforgettable culinary experience! This month’s menu reflects modern Spanish cooking supported by tradition, using only seasonal ingredients. We start with a beautiful light and healthy fresh Tomato, wrapped in Serrano Ham, and garnished with edible flowers. The main course is Stuffed Hake (Spain’s favourite fish) served with Seafood. […]

Buffet Style Brunch

September 2016

Brunch personifies all that is great about the weekend! A much later, bigger breakfast, enjoyed in a relaxed atmosphere with friends. Prepare the delectable Breakfast Panna Cotta the day before and top it with seasonal fruit before serving. We have prepared a selection of ‘help yourself’ dishes. Choose the options you fancy. The feather-light savoury […]

Winter’s Last Fling!

August 2016

It is with a measure of regret that we say goodbye to Winter’s Comfort Food! In this month’s menu we coupled tradition with some trendy surprises. The Pumpkin soup (we used a combination of boerpampoen and butternut) shines with the addition of Feta Cream and sage. Nothing, to my mind, beats our Old Fashioned Chicken […]

Winter’s Bounty

July 2016

Nature supplies us with a generous harvest of fresh produce tailor made to guard against colds and other seasonal afflictions. Medicine has never tasted as good as this month’s menu! We start with a quick and easy Lettuce and Pea Soup. Lemons enhance our delectable Lamb Stew served with rice noodles, glazed onions and baby […]

Winter Home Cooking

June 2016

I have fond memories of my late mother-in-law’s beef stew. She somehow kept the secret to herself. I tried everything: more expensive meat, more browning, adding wine, etc. until years later, the recipe that I now share with you has been perfected. As a starch accompaniment we are serving Samp with Fresh Corn, but you […]

Mother’s Day Menu

May 2016

To celebrate Mother’s Day, we have designed a very special, glamorous Pomegranate Cake. Not only does this cake look impressive and taste divine, but if you feel pangs of guilt, remember pomegranates are one of the superfoods. The rest of the menu is very manageable. We start with a cheats Beef Broth with absolutely **no** […]

Stir-Fry Supper

April 2016

Autumn is the season to start gathering friends and family indoors again. This easy stir-fry menu was a sensational success when I served it. At long last we have found a simple method to pre-treat the steak to match or better similar offerings in high class Chinese Restaurants. Do serve it with the Lemon Rice […]

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