Winter Home Cooking

June 2016

I have fond memories of my late mother-in-law’s beef stew. She somehow kept the secret to herself. I tried everything: more expensive meat, more browning, adding wine, etc. until years later, the recipe that I now share with you has been perfected. As a starch accompaniment we are serving Samp with Fresh Corn, but you […]

Mother’s Day Menu

May 2016

To celebrate Mother’s Day, we have designed a very special, glamorous Pomegranate Cake. Not only does this cake look impressive and taste divine, but if you feel pangs of guilt, remember pomegranates are one of the superfoods. The rest of the menu is very manageable. We start with a cheats Beef Broth with absolutely **no** […]

Stir-Fry Supper

April 2016

Autumn is the season to start gathering friends and family indoors again. This easy stir-fry menu was a sensational success when I served it. At long last we have found a simple method to pre-treat the steak to match or better similar offerings in high class Chinese Restaurants. Do serve it with the Lemon Rice […]

Patio Lunch with Oriental Flavours

March 2016

Serve this bright yellow corn soup to celebrate Easter. Flavour the soup with our Basil Pesto and a touch of chilli. Duck is an undervalued, but readily available change from chicken, the basic method of roasting is the same for both. The duck can also be cooked in a kettle braai. Salads this month are […]

Mid-summer Braai

February 2016

February is traditionally one of our hottest months. Ideal braai weather and the best season to be out of doors! Start with a smooth and creamy Makerel Paté accompanied by crispy home made Melba Toast. The main course of Lamb necks is one of my best discoveries! Even with the price of lamb skyrocketing, this […]

Christmas Menu 2015

December 2015

We have decided to return to the traditional Turkey this year, but to make it easier we do 90 % of the preparation and cooking the day before and serve the Turkey, easily carved, at room temperature on the day. The outstanding Chocolate Box Cassata Ice Cream can be made up to 2 weeks before […]

American Inspired

November 2015

Our American inspired menu this month will become part and parcel of your ‘best ever’ recipe collection. The Prawn Chowder is a real stunner, one can have small portions as a starter, or make a meal of this delicious Seafood Soup. Pulled Pork has become popular the world over. To prepare this pitmaster special in […]

Ultimate Self-Serve Brunch

October 2015

A long lazy Sunday Brunch is one of my favourite ways of getting friends and family together. This outstanding menu caters for all those on a Banting diet, as well as the rest of us. It also has the wow factor in the way the pancakes are served. We have given you a wide array […]

Spring Braai

September 2015

Graham looking very happy as he kicks off the first braai of the season. Try our classy and colourful menu, making use of seasonal ingredients like strawberries, spring lamb and lemons! The Lemonade Cocktail will put all in a good mood and the finale of Lemon Cheesecake with a Meringue Topping will leave a lingering […]

Celebrating Winter

July 2015

Stews and soups are the normal winter fare, but let’s ring the changes, with a quick to prepare menu. Avocado is an obvious in season choice for our starter. As a main, Crumbed Pork Chops with Apple and Cranberry Relish will strike the perfect sweet / savoury balance. The cornflake coating on the chops remains […]

Oriental at Home

June 2015

Too cold to go out to fetch a take away? Invite another couple and have a cosy meal at home in front of the fire. A lovely menu to cook at the last minute, provided you do some preparation beforehand. See our order of work and shopping list.

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