Romantic Dinner for Two

February 2017

Plan an unforgettable dinner. Set the scene, choose the background music, pour the sparkling wine and enjoy the delicious food.

Serves 6

Bake the Buttermilk Cake, it actually improves with standing, store in a cake tin.
Make the Silky Caramel Custard and leave covered in the fridge. When cold it turns out more easily.
Chill the sparkling wine.

Season the steak and leave to stand at room temperature.
Cut off required amount of pastry, place on a lined baking sheet. Freeze the remainder for another use.
Make the salad.
Bake the pastry and while it is baking, cook the steak. While the steak is resting make the mushroom sauce.
Plate the steaks and put the salad on the table.
Take a break, then plate the dessert.
Serve coffee and cake.

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