Sensational Spring Braai

September 2017

Start the season with a unique and delicious take on braaing chicken and cooking mielies. Celebrate Spring with a delectable Cinnamon Cream Cheesecake with strawberries. Nothing boring about this menu!

Serves 6-8

Give the chickens a seasoning rub, cover and refrigerate.
Prepare cheesecake, cover and refrigerate.

Sweep patio and get plates etc. together. Chill wine, beer, etc.
Light the fire and secure chickens onto the clamp grid.
Crush cucumber and leave to drain. Make dressing.
Prepare pineapple salad.
Put chickens pyramid style over the braai.
Pour boiling water over mielies. Cover tightly and leave to stand.
Dress salads.
Turn out and decorate cake with strawberries and violets.
Finish off Braai Broodjies while the cooked chickens are resting.
Enjoy a fabulous braai!