Ultimate Self-Serve Brunch

October 2015

A long lazy Sunday Brunch is one of my favourite ways of getting friends and family together.

This outstanding menu caters for all those on a Banting diet, as well as the rest of us. It also has the wow factor in the way the pancakes are served.

We have given you a wide array of dishes to select from, besides the crispy oven cooked bacon and scrambled eggs for a crowd. Everyone helps themselves and dishes up on an open pancake, finally one covers your helping with a pretty lacey pancake. You will have all the girls buzzing with this novel presentation.

Unless you have plenty of help, we suggest you bake the pancakes the day before. They keep perfectly well in the fridge, interleaved with baking paper and reheat very well in a microwave for a few seconds. The same applies to the creamed corn. There is also no need to prepare all the whole menu, just pick and choose the dishes you prefer.

Mix pancake batter, leave to stand for an hour. Finish off pancakes if more convenient
Prepare creamed corn, ready to reheat the next day
Roll out bacon between sheets of baking paper ready to bake the next day
Mix batter for Butternut Muffins, cover, refrigerate and bake on the day
Bake Banting Seed Loaf if making
Chill Sparkling wine if serving

Set table and arrange self-help buffet
Squeeze juice and refrigerate
Prepare individual bowls of berries. Top with yoghurt. Keep cool.
Prepare Tomato and Spring Onion Sambal
Bake Muffins
While Muffins are in the oven, prepare haddock.
When Muffins come out of the oven, bake mushrooms and bacon together.
Reheat creamed corn in microwave.
Briefly reheat pancakes in microwave
Prepare Scrambled Eggs
Serve buffet style