Winter Home Cooking

June 2016

I have fond memories of my late mother-in-law’s beef stew. She somehow kept the secret to herself. I tried everything: more expensive meat, more browning, adding wine, etc. until years later, the recipe that I now share with you has been perfected. As a starch accompaniment we are serving Samp with Fresh Corn, but you can happily replace it with rice. Baby marrow briefly stir-fried until crisp-tender makes an excellent side.

We kept the salad starter light and easy but gave it robust flavour with blue cheese, and great texture with crunchy toasted pecan nuts and sliced pears.

Our Apple Pie de Luxe will become your go-to to recipe for every occasion from a teatime treat to a dessert. It is one of the most successful recipes we have ever developed. The combination of sweet and tart apples with orange, honey, raisins and butter cannot be beaten.

Make the Stew, in the winter leave it overnight at room temperature.
Make dough topping for Apple Pie and refrigerate overnight.
Cook the apple filling and leave at room temperature overnight.
Put the samp on to boil for 45 minutes.

Set the table, light a fire and open red wine and leave to breathe.
Prepare the citrus cream and refrigerate.
Complete the Pie and bake.
Prepare Gremolata and refrigerate.
Grate courgettes.
Reheat the Stew and finish off the Samp.
Sauté onions for courgettes.
Prepare the starter salad and serve.
Quickly stir-fry the courgettes.
Top Stew with Gremolata and serve with Samp and Courgettes.
Present the Apple Pie and Citrus Cream, sit back and enjoy the warm glow of good food and good company.

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