Winter’s Last Fling!

August 2016

It is with a measure of regret that we say goodbye to Winter’s Comfort Food!

In this month’s menu we coupled tradition with some trendy surprises. The Pumpkin soup (we used a combination of boerpampoen and butternut) shines with the addition of Feta Cream and sage.

Nothing, to my mind, beats our Old Fashioned Chicken Pie with Sour Cream Pastry! All the pie needs as an accompaniment is a medley of green vegetables dressed with our Cheese Sauce and a trendy seasonal Beetroot and Orange Salad.

Finally, turn on the bling with gold dusted Red Velvet Slices.


Cook chicken, finish the pie filling and refrigerate.
Make pastry and leave in fridge overnight.
Make soup and refrigerate.
Bake cake and store in an airtight container.
Cook beetroot, peel, cover and refrigerate.

Set the table, chill the wine and do the flowers.
Roll out pastry, finish the pie and refrigerate.
Finish and ice the cake and leave at room temperature.
Make Feta Cream and toast pumpkin seeds for soup.
Prepare green vegetables ready to steam.

Put pie in the oven.
Warm the soup, top with Feta Cream and pumpkin seeds and serve.
Finish off vegetables and serve with Pie and Salad.
Serve dessert and coffee.

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