The pantry is an important part of any kitchen whether it be a walk-in closet or a sacred shelf. We’ve put together 6 suggestions to help you organise your pantry!


1. Spice Racks


On our website we sell stainless steel spice racks to organise your collection of Ina Paarman Seasonings and Spices. The spice racks can easily fit on a shelf or even be hung from the pantry door or wall by the two convenient hooks. They are available here with free shipping within South Africa.

2. Stacking Containers


Decant some of your essentials into easy to stack clear containers. Airtight containers are perfect to store dry ingredients like nuts, rice, pasta or cereals and make hard to find ingredients easily visible.

3. Baskets or Crates

Our pantry stands themselves share a valuable tip of using baskets or crates to store fresh produce like potatoes or onions below the shelves of your pantry.

4. On Hand Toppings


Keep a bottle of sultanas or seedless raisins covered with sherry in your pantry. They’re not only delicious when added to scones, but make delicious ice-cream toppings and are excellent added to apple pies, our cheesecake, or spooned over roast pork.


5. Priority Ingredients


Place your ingredients in order of demand. What do you use the most? What do you use the least? You want those in demand pantry staples to be easy to find and easily accessible when working with sticky kitchen fingers.

6. Colours First


Finally, make sure all your favourite Ina Paarman products are easy to find, ready to add the gourmet touch to homecooked meals. Our colourful packaging makes opening your pantry cupboard a welcoming pleasure!

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