Chocolate Icing Kit

An indulgent chocolate butter icing mix, guaranteed to give foolproof results and maximum flavour. 250g.

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Icing sugar, Cocoa powder (14%), Castor sugar, Corn starch, Salt, Flavouring.

Cow’s milk (if using butter)

125 g real butter, softened
1 x 250 g Ina Paarman’s Icing Mix
4 T (60 ml) cold black coffee or water


  • Use an electric beater or wooden spoon to mix butter until creamy.
  • Turn the bag upside down and cut it open along the dotted line on the base.
  • Shake all the icing mix out onto the creamed butter. Retrieve the nozzle. Beat icing sugar and butter, adding water or coffee from time to time until icing is absolutely smooth. Scrape the sides of the bowl down now and again.
  • Snip off the tip of the bag along the dotted line and fit the nozzle.
  • Stand the bag in a tall glass, to keep it upright. Fold the edges over the glass and spoon half of the icing into the bag. Remove bag from the glass and shake icing down.
  • Twist the top of the bag to force the icing down into the nozzle. Apply pressure with your right hand and use your left hand to guide the nozzle while piping. Twist the bag from time to time to force the icing down.

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