Creamy Cheese Pasta Sauce

A smooth, velvety cream based pasta sauce containing four distinctive cheeses – mature Cheddar, aged Parmesan, rich Mascarpone and full flavoured Blue Vein cheese.

Lacto Ovo Vegetarian

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Filtered water, Mature cheddar cheese (6%) (Milk, Salt, Preservatives (Sodium nitrate), Calcium chloride, Colourant (Annato), Non-animal rennet, Lactic cultures), Mascarpone cheese (5%) (Cream, Full cream milk, Stabiliser, Citric acid), Fresh cream, Corn starch, Blue cheese (2%) (Cow’s milk, Salt, Cheese cultures, Non-animal rennet), Parmesan cheese (2%) (Cow’s milk, Salt, Non-animal rennet, Preservative (Lysozyme (Egg)), Skimmed milk powder (Cow’s milk, Vitamin A, Vitamin D), Salt, Sugar, Preservative: Sorbic acid, Stabiliser: Xanthan gum, Cayenne pepper, Acidity regulator, Flavouring, Mace.

Cow’s milk, Egg

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