Ina’s Baking Sheet


Heavy duty, top quality Aluminium baking sheet that doubles as a large lifter. Dimensions 30 cm x 40 cm. Made in Cape Town.

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    We are very proud to present the newest product in our range, Ina’s Baking Sheet & Lifter. Made from heavy-duty, top-quality aluminium, this baking sheet is built to last. Best of all, unlike most baking sheets, it won’t warp or distort in the oven.

    Ina and Janet have tried and tested this product so you know it’s a keeper!

    Use the baking sheet to:

    Bake – cookies (ideal when paired with Ina’s Cookie Template), pizzas, vegetables etc.

    Lift – cakes, tarts, roasts etc.

    Just like Ina’s Oven Gloves, Ina’s Baking Sheet & Lifter is locally and lovingly made in Cape Town. Yet another wonderful gift idea for the serious cook in your life.

    Hand wash only, using a non-abrasive sponge or cloth.

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