Ready to Serve Mushroom Sauce

Made with slow roasted mushrooms, fresh cream and real beef stock. To make this comforting savoury mushroom sauce we slow roast earthy Portobellini and White Gable mushrooms and combine them with fresh cream, butter and a wholesome beef stock.


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Filtered water, Roasted mushrooms (19%), Fresh cream (16%), Mushroom stock (contains: Portobellini mushrooms, Balsamic vinegar (contains: Caramel colour, Sulphur dioxide), Stabilisers, Fresh thyme), Corn starch, Skim milk powder, Canola oil (Antioxidant: Vitamin E), Butter (Cream, Colourant, Salt), Beef Stock (2%) (contains: Beef, Fresh onion, Fresh carrots, Fresh celery, Sugar, Tomato paste), Salt, Spices (Radurised), Garlic, Acidity regulator, Yeast extract, Flavouring.

Cow’s milk

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