Sun-dried Tomato & Parmesan Pasta Sauce

Sun-dried tomatoes, marinated and slow matured in a delicious olive oil vinaigrette, are pulped and enveloped in a rich cream sauce containing Mascarpone and aged Parmesan cheese.

Lacto Ovo Vegetarian

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Filtered water, Sun-dried tomato pulp (18%) (Sun-dried tomato quarters, Water, Sugar, Extra virgin olive oil, Vinegar, Salt, Fresh garlic, Spices, Black pepper, Herbs, Flavouring), Fresh cream, Corn starch, Parmesan cheese (3%) (Cow’s milk, Salt, Non-animal rennet, Preservative (Lysozyme (Egg)), Mascarpone cheese (Cream, Full cream milk, Stabiliser, Citric acid), Salt, Sugar, Stabiliser: Xanthan gum, Cayenne pepper, Flavouring, Colourant: Beta carotene and Fruit extracts.

Cow’s milk, Egg

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