My ‘wow’ moment came when Lilo, a lovely Chinese lady, who was my P.A. some years ago.

She shared her stir-fry secrets with us.

It is important to work in a particular 7 step sequence.

No. 1

Slice the meat, chicken or fish and toss it with a little cornflour to coat. Now add ± 2 T (30 ml) of the stir-fry sauce and the same amount of oil. Mix and leave to stand.

No. 2

Cook the noodles. Keep on one side.

No. 3

Prepare the vegetables and briefly steam cook them in a little water in the wok until crisp but still bright. Keep on one side.

No. 4

Add oil to the pre-heated wok, swipe the meat through the oil and line up around the sides and in the wok.

Cook until done on one side, don’t stir.

When cooked on one side start stir-frying. Remove the minute the meat is done.

No. 5

Add a little more oil to the pan. Add all the vegetables and stir-fry briefly.

No. 6

Add sauce, cooked protein and noodles and heat through.

No. 7

Top with sliced spring onions and serve straight away out of the wok.


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