Basil Pesto

The quality of Basil Pesto relies entirely on the cultivar and growing conditions of the Basil. We use sweet Genovese Basil, grown in the Worcester region, where the plants get the full force of the sun during the day to develop their distinctive green colour and intense characteristic flavour. To this aromatic Basil, we add extra virgin olive oil, fresh garlic, macadamia nuts and aged Italian Parmesan Cheese to create a taste sensation that embodies Italy on a plate.


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Fresh basil (42%), Filtered water, Extra virgin olive oil (12%), Parmesan cheese (7%) (Cow’s milk, Salt, Cheese cultures, Vegetable rennet), Roasted macadamia nuts (5%), Canola oil (Antioxidant: Vitamin E), Fresh garlic (4%), Lemon juice, Salt, Corn starch, Colourant: Chlorophyll, Black pepper, Stabiliser: Xanthan gum, Flavouring.

Cow’s milk, Tree nuts

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